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Elpress UK

ElpressDistributes all Elpress Cable Terminals, Elpress Crimp Terminals, Elpress Crimp Tools, Elpress Cable Lugs, Elpress Pre Insulated Terminals, Elpress End Terminals, Elpress Bi-Metallic Terminals, Elpress Aluminium Terminals, Elpress Cutting Tools, Elpress Stripping Tools, Elpress Cable Preperation Tools, Elpress Deep Earthing, Elpress Dual Crimp System, Elpress Battery Operated Crimp Tools including the Elpress PV1300 and Elpress PVL1300.

E-Tech Components are the UK distributor for Elpress, one of the largest manufacturers of cable terminals and tooling in Europe.

Individual Categories
Elpress Copper Cable Lugs / Tube-Terminals
Elpress Aluminium/Copper Bi-Metallic-Cable-Lugs
Elpress Aluminium (Al) Cable Lugs / Terminals
Elpress Crimp Tools and Terminals Assortment Boxes
Elpress Bootlace Ferrules (End Sleeves) Halogen Free
Elpress Overhead Line Connectors
Elpress Pre-Insulated Terminals Halogen Free
Elpress Terminal Blocks (Connector Blocks / Push-ons)
Elpress Un-Insulated Terminals

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Elpress Pre-insulated Terminals
Elpress End Terminals
Elpress Uninsulated Terminals
Elpress Assortment Boxes
Elpress Copper Tube (Cu) Terminals
Elpress Aluminium (Al) Terminals
Elpress Aluminium / Copper (AlCu) Terminals
Elpress Overhead Line Connectors
Elpress Screw Connectors
Elpress Manual Crimping Tools
Elpress Hydraulic Crimping Tools
Elpress Cutting and Stripping Tools
Elpress Deep Earthing System

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E-Tech Components are a specialist distributor of cable accessories including
cable terminals, crimp terminals, copper tube terminals and pre-insulated terminals and the associated crimp tools. We also stock all types of cable glands, cable cleats and fixings, cable ties, cable markers and identification, earthing products, lightning protection and earth rods.

We are a specialist distributor for Prysmian Components, BICC Components, BICON Components, BICCON Components.
We can supply:
Prysmian Cable Cleats, BICC Cable Cleats, BICON Cable Cleats, BICCON Cable Cleats and fixings.
BICC Cable Glands, BICON Cable Glands, Prysmian Cable Glands, BICCON Cable Glands and accessories.
BICON Cable Gland Kits, Prysmian Cable Gland Kits, BICC Cable Gland Kits, BICCON Cable Gland Kits and accessories.
Prysmian Trefoil Cable Cleats, BICC Trefoil Cable Cleats, BICON Trefoil Cable Cleats, BICCON Trefoil Cable Cleats and fixings.
BICCON 2 Bolt Cable Cleats, Prysmian 2 Bolt Cable Cleats, BICC 2 Bolt Cable Cleats, BICON 2 Bolt Cable Cleats and fixings.
Prysmian Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, BICC Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, BICON Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, BICCON Dutchclamp Cable Cleats and fixings.
BICC Dutch Clamp Cable Cleats, BICON Dutch Clamp Cable Cleats, Prysmian Dutch Clamp Cable Cleats, BICCON Dutch Clamp Cable Cleats.
Prysmian Aluminium Cable Cleats, BICC Aluminium Cable Cleats, BICON Aluminium Cable Cleats, BICCON Aluminium Cable Cleats and fixings.
BICON Plastic Cable Cleats, Prysmian Plastic Cable Cleats, BICC Plastic Cable Cleats, BICCON Plastic Cable Cleats and fixings.
BICC Cleats, Prysmian Cleats, BICON Cleats, BICCON Cleats and fixings
Prysmian Cable Terminals, BICON Cable Terminals, BICC Cable Terminals, BICCON Cable Terminals.
BICON Copper Tube Terminals, BICC Copper Tube Terminals, Prysmian Copper Tube Terminals, BICCON Copper Tube Terminals.

BICON (LV) Low Voltage Cable Joints
BICON (MV) Medium Voltage Cable Joints
Prysmian (LV) Low Voltage Cable Joints
Prysmian (MV) Medium Voltage Cable Joints

BICON Cable Cleats / BICON Cable Clamp Page
BICON Cable Glands / BICON Cable Gland Page

Some useful products of interest would be the Elpress PV1300, the new Elpress PVL1300, the BICON G10TS crimping Tool, the BICCON G10TS crimping tool, the Prysmian G10TS crimping tool, the BICC G10TS crimping tool, the BICON Multicleats, the BICC Multicleats, the Prysmian Multicleats, the BICCON Multicleats, the BICC Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, the BICON Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, BICCON Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, the Prysmian Dutchclamp Cable Cleats, the BICON E1W gland Kit, the BICC E1W Gland kit, the BICCON E1W Gland kit, the Prysmian E1W Gland kit, the BICON Trefoil Cable Cleat, the BICCON Trefoil Cable Cleat, the Prysmian Trefoil Cable Cleat, the BICC Trefoil Cable Cleat, the Elpress Pre Insulated Halogen Free terminals.

We can supply all the leading brands at the most competitive prices.

The site is full of technical information and selection charts that will enable you to identify your specific requirements or please call our sales office where our experienced staff will be more than happy to help.
Elpess Cable Lugs
We stock and distribute for many of the leading brands in the industry including
          BICC, BICON, BICCON, Prysmian, CCG Cable Glands, Panduit, Nexans, Elastimold, Euromold, Elpress, Dutchclamp, Redapt, Raxton, Partex Cable Markers, Tyco, Raychem, 3M, Burndy, Framatone, SBI, FCI, WT Henley, CMP, Hawke, ITW, SPIT, Pulsa, Paslode, Furse, Kingsmill, Thomas & Betts

Elpress News

Elpress PVL1300 battery operated crimp tool Elpress-PVL1300-Battery-Hydraulic-Crimping-Tool Elpress PVL1300 Battery Hydraulic Crimping Tool is used to crimp Elpress Crimp terminals. The Elpress PVL1300 is a specified Elpress Crimp Tool.

Elpress next generation MINIFORCE Crimping tools Elpress Miniforce Crimping Tools click here for more details

Elpress DV1300 / Elpress DV1300C - Elpress Dual Crimp System. Elpress Dual Crimp technology is patented and specially designed by Elpress.

Elpress Crimp Tools. Elpress cutting tools. Elpress stripping tools. Elpress crimp terminals. Elpress copper tube terminals. Elpress pre-insulated terminals. Elpress bi-metallic terminals.

Check out our full range of BICC,BICCON,BICON, Cable Glands, Cable Cleats online.

Elpress Dies for W Crimping of Copper Conductors 13BW type and 13W type die sets.

A new range of Elpress tooling is due to be launched by Elpress. The new range of Elpress MINIFORCE crimp tools - out soon! The new Elpress PVL1300, replacing the Elpress PV1300, the new Elpress PVL1300DB, replacing the Elpress PV1300DB, the new Elpress PVL611, replacing the Elpress PV611, the new Elpress PVL611DB, replacing the Elpress PV611.

Also 2 new tools the Elpress ES2258 and the Elpress EL2258 will replace the Elpress T2258

We are a specialist distributor for BICC cable accessories, BICON Cable Accessories, BICCON Cable Accessories, Prysmian cable accessories.

We are specialist distributors for BICC Cable glands, BICCON Cable Glands, BICON Cable Glands, Prysmian Cable Glands.

We are specialist distributors for BICC Cable Cleats, BICON Cable Cleats, BICCON Cable Cleats, Prysmian Cable Cleats.

We are specialist distributors for BICC Cable Terminals, BICCON Cable Terminals, BICON Cable terminals, Prysmian Cable Terminals.